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Noc's EPIC rant...

Gleefully stolen from Nocturnal Medics... Noc's EPIC rant. Dare you not to laugh before you're done reading! (Meant to be humorously, irrationally, apologetically glorifying to medics, so no crying!)

Q: How many paramedics does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Just one, he stands on a ladder and holds the bulb while the world revolves around him.


I do love our lady providers!

Kind of a cool picture...

I think that this is a missing ingredient in much medical education...

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.

– Hippocrates

My wish for all of us... -Dwayne

May I never see in the patient anything but a fellow creature in pain.

– Oath of Maimonides

This thinking makes my medic spirit cry....

"Once, when I mentioned this to second-year medical students, one raised his hand, “We learned empathy already.” What? “Yes, last year in interviewing. Empathy is when you repeat the last three words the patient says and nod your head.”"

– Samuel Shem, Harvard 2009 commencement speech

Compassion always matters, even if it seems naive to believe so...

"At times, in medicine, you feel you are inside a colossal and impossibly complex machine whose gears will turn for you only according to their own arbitrary rhythm. The notion that human caring, the effort to do better for people, might make a difference can seem hopelessly naive. But it isn’t."

Better, Atul Gawande

Let Us Help Out A Brother In His Time Of Need.

 On behalf of Dwayne....


A shout out to the TEEsers! This is a chance to show your spirit, and get something really cool to boot! Will you get rich? Not financially, but you'll get to participate in the spirit of EMS...And that's a really cool thing...


We have a medic friend that's going through KEMO for cancer as we speak, and we'd like to try and help him out a little bit...A really good guy, positive attitude, a great mentor...



"The climb to be a leader should be tough, it should not be easy. Sucking up and being a yes man may get you quick jolts to a higher position. But when you lack character and the common decency to acknowledge those under you and where you came from. That is when you stop being a leader and become the person viewed as toxic in the upper rungs of leadership.

Pink Cross

I anxiously watched the clocks second hand slowly ticking off the seconds until this shift was over. My ears strained to hear the sound of my replacement driving up the gravel driveway as I stared blindly out the window of the shift bedroom. “To hell with the call gods,” I thought and I packed up my duffel bag. Stuffing the pieces of my life that I carried back and forth to work with me into my old duffel bag I defiantly dared the tones to drop.